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Rare Allcock Aerial Model 7950-T6  3" Diameter Centrepin reel - This reel is in superb condition having seen very little use, complete with original leather case.

Ref  CP 013




Rare Allcock "Mahseer Aerial" 4 1/2" Diameter Centrepin Reel Model 7981 LT - Reel is in good used condition with a small amount of corrosion on the backplate, I have owned this reel for around 10 years and have landed Carp to 18lb.+ with it.

Ref  CP 014




Allcock Aerial Popular 3" Diameter Centrepin Reel - Reel is in good used condition, runs well with no wobble.

Ref  CP 022




Hardy Eureka 3 1/2" Diameter Centrepin Reel - Reel is in excellent condition with most of the original finish intact.

Ref  CP 023



W R Products Speedia 4" Diameter Narrow Drum Centrepin Reel - Reel is unused in original box.

Ref  CP 027

£ Sold


Allcock Match Arial 4 1/2" Narrow Drum Centrepin Reel - This reel is in excellent condition with 99% of the original finish intact and appears to be unused. Complete with original box and tissue paper.

Ref CP 028

£ Sold

More centrepin reels will be added when time permits