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Original Ari Hart Made In Holland Rio Orbigo Trout Fly Reel + Spare Spool - This reel with a spool diameter of 2 7/8" - 7 cm is an early model serial no. 8230 and is in excellent little used condition. Currently set up for left hand wind. Both reel and spool in original pouches.

FR 053


J. W. Young Neauvex Model 1 1835 Salmon Fly Reel 4" - 10.2 cm Diameter - This reel is in excellent working condition with very minor wear to the finish. Currently set up for left hand wind, easily converted to right hand wind and comes fitted with an unknown line.

Ref FR 054



J.W. Young Pattern 1c  2 1/2" diameter fly reel retaining most of the original finish, retailers name on backplate - Eaton & Deller 6 Crooked lane London E.C.4   foot original and not filed, nice crisp check

Ref  FR 004




D. Slater of Newark 2 7/8" diameter fly reel, Ebonite backplate + Brass handle plate, both rims are bound in nickel silver, foot slightly filed at one end otherwise in excellent original condition.

Ref  FR 008


The following bunch of reels have lived in my cabinet in Ashbourne Derbyshire for the last 15 - 20 years. I sourced these reels locally many years ago not for the Dingley or Alnwick connection but because they were retailed by Fosters of Ashbourne where I live. The majority of the reels are in far better condition than the Dingley reels that I regularly see fetch big bucks at U.K. auction houses. Most of these reels have spent all their life in and around Ashbourne, after Mr Dingleys son travelled down on the train from Alnwick to deliver his Fathers products to Fosters magnificent shop in Church Street Ashbourne before I was born. Having been fished for Trout on the local river Dove at Dovedale where Izaak Walton and Charles Cotton used to fish - before I found these reels they were mostly one owner from new.



Rare And Desirable Dingley Perfect Style Left Hand Wind Fly Reel 3 1/8" Diameter C.1940,s Retailed By Fosters of Ashbourne - This reel is in very good condition and has been in my posession for over 15 years. The Phosphour Bronze lineguard in the correct position for L H W - the correct length brass foot, spool, frame, handle plate & lineguard post each stamped with the number "3" the foot is also stamped "Made in England". The tension adjuster & drum retaining screw are Brass.

Ref  FR 013

£ Sold



Rare 4" Diameter Wide Drum Salmon Fly Reel Retailed By Fosters of Ashbourne - I Believe this reel was manufactured in the late 40,s / early 50,s at the Dingley workshop in Alnwick, the frame is stamped with the initials L.Q. - Lawrie Quince who worked at the Dingley shop. The frame is also stamped with the number "2" as is the spool and full length brass foot which is also stamped "Made in England". The reel has a Phosphour Bronze lineguard & black ebonite handle. This reel is in stunning condition with 99% of the original finish intact though there are some marks on the inside of the spool from an old silk line, the tension adjuster is brass.

Ref  FR 014




Very Rare 3 1/4" Diameter Dingley St. George Style Fly Reel C.1920,s Retailed By Fosters of Ashbourne - This reel is in excellent original condition with a Phosphour Bronze lineguard, black ebonite handle and integral drum removal latch. The frame is stamped with the initials W.D. - Walter Dingley, the frame, gear and foot are stamped with the number "5", the unfiled brass foot is very slightly bent at one end, the lineguard post is stamped with the number "2", the tension adjuster is Nickel Silver.

Ref  FR 016

£ Sold



Rare 3" Diameter Dingley Dry Fly Reel C.1920.s Retailed by Fosters of Ashbourne - This reel is in nice original condition with most of the finish intact, the only fault being a couple of line marks to one pillar, fixed check which is strong and positive (note the check spring post has a hexagonal head) the handle is yellow ivorine. The frame is stamped D3 and also the number "9", the unfiled Nickel Silver foot is also stamped with the number "3" and there are 3 punch marks on the gear, the drum core is waisted and the drum retaining screw is brass.

Ref  FR 017




D is for Dingley

The Master Reelmaker


Patrick Garner & Brian Taylor

Soft back edition - 150 pages showing many rare Walter Dingley reels.

Chapters Include

The Early Years

Dingley and the Hardy Bros.

The Dingley Family and the Church

The Story of Dingley Reels

Dingley : The Later Years

Reel Terminology

How a small manufactory in England operated between the wars

W.H. Dingley, Westley Richards and Other Dealers

Dingley Reel Features

Dingley Uniqua Style Reels

Dingley Dry Fly Reels

Dingley St. George Style Reels

Dingley Perfect Style Reels

Dingley Casting Reels

Dingley Sea Reels

Dingley Fixed Spool Reels

A Rare Dingley Prototype by Stuart Tod

Dingley Dealer Catalogues

Dingley Patents



Ref  CB 016

£ Sold



Rare Morner 3 7/8" Diameter Salmon Fly Reel Made in Sweden Number 417 - This fantastic reel comes fitted with backing line but has never been used, complete with original padded pouch and paperwork.

Ref  FR 024




Sharpe`s of Aberdeen Made in Scotland "Menteith" 3 5/8" Diameter Trout Fly Reel & Spare Spool - Both reel and spool are in very good used condition, reel is easily converted from left to right hand wind and comes fitted with an unknown line.

Ref  FR 027




Abel No.2 Left Hand Wind 3 3/8" Diameter Trout Fly Reel - This reel is in superb little used condition complete with original warranty card, padded pouch and original box.

Ref  FR 030




Rare Pezon et Michel Super Parabolic 76 Trout Fly Reel 3" Diameter - This reel built by Hardy  c.1977 is unused in original padded pouch and cardboard box. 

Ref FR 052


More fly reels will be listed when time permits